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4 Nice Places For Photoshoot In Medan

Most young individuals will love pictures right? Even the maniacs, there are people who just awakened just failed to update to Instagram. Fantastic right. Well guys, so that your selfies aren’t just in your room, this time, TempatAsik.Com will find you fascinating spot information for photo hunting in Nice Places For photoshoot in Medan.

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1. Cadika Johor Park
At the past this playground was a wild forest that was used as a scout training place for schoolchildren, because this location was quite appropriate for survival, besides the forest was dense, in this location there was also a fairly large lake.
Now the cadika playground has changed its face, the Medan city authorities is decorating this park into one of the green open areas (RTH) which are frequently visited by local residents. In this park you can find some beautiful places for photo hunting. After getting tired of shooting photos, you can try other accessible facilities like flying with flying fox, running the trail, playing paint balls, or you may take a ship to go around the lake.
2. Merci Barn Medan Resort City Johor
This distinctive home was constructed at the Medan Resort City residential area Jl. Karya Jaya Medan Johor and used as its marketing office. It doesn’t take long, guys, this distinctive home is the conversation of several Medan kids, because we don’t have to run out before we end to relish the beauty of this European-style building, simply pull your motorcycle gas about 20 minutes from a true field crossing to this location. Many young people who flock to this area only to take pictures, but guys, it is stated that the past few days are somewhat difficult to get into here, since the marketing party limits visitors, this is because many visitors harm land around the building, like stepping on grass, picking flowers and blossoms. However, you don’t have to be angry, everything could be done from your determination, as you can still find a lot of avenues you can go through to enter here, though it’s somewhat hard. HOPE !! hehe

3. Royal Sumatra
Royal Sumatra is a tasteful and elite housing that’s not far from Johor, about 7 minutes you will get to this location, located on Jalan Jamin Ginting Km. 8.5 makes this location look cooler since the location is simply close to the Sibolangit mountain area. In this post you may do photo hunting with various backgrounds, which range from a little European-style architecture, to a cool and beautiful garden which can spoil you in shooting photos.
4. Fantastic Mosque
Who is not acquainted with this mosque, stood firm since 1909 and was given the name Masjid Raya Al Mashun. This mosque was built throughout the reign of Sultan Makmun Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah IX.